Massachusetts Painter Aaron Souza, has completed his BFA in Painting from the University of Massachusett
s Dartmouth in 2006, as well as a bachelor’s in Art Education in 2008. In 2012 Aaron began studying at the Cape School of Art to help gain a new perspective through plein air painting, and the study of light.
Based out of Yarmouth Massachusetts, he creates both studio and en plein air paintings that capture the vibrancy of light and shadow in full color.
As an avid member of the local artist community Aaron has shown works in several exhibitions around the South Coast. He has also completed multiple collaborative murals and organized a critique group of local working artists from around the Greater New Bedford for eight years before moving to Cape Cod.
As an Educator Aaron is currently teaching at Middleboro High School in MA. He has taught drawing classes for the New Bedford Art museum and ArtWorks! and has participated as a mentor for five years in their “Teen Artist Internship Program” (TAIP) as well as teaching private lessons from his studio and weekly Painting classes at Autumn Glen, Assisted Living Home.