Artist Statement


Whether Still-life, landscape, figurative, or animal portraiture, plein air or from the studio; my goal is for my paintings to go beyond the physical, allowing expressive brush strokes and color usage to portray the personality and emotional characteristics of the subject.

In my most recent body of work it has been the landscape that has served as the focal subject of my paintings. They have become more and more about the juxtaposition of color, whether subtle or in contrast, studying the light much like the early Impressionists may have done over a century ago. I invite the viewer to step inside the landscape, taking a breath of fresh air, as I lead their eyes across and through the picture plane. More recently I have incorporated the figure into my landscapes, showing how the figure interacts within their surroundings.

Though, I enjoy working on many projects, including; large-scale drawings and sculpture, it has been the medium of oil paint that has emerged as the favored means to my expression. It is that luminous buttery substance that has captivated endless hours of my attention.