Teaching Approach


My approach at the High School level is to guide the students in developing a sense of individuality within their work, while still focusing on the importance of technical skills.   I develop lesson plans around the National Standards and Massachusetts Curriculum frameworks that engages students; focusing on a set of goals, while still allowing room for self-interpretations.

I do not believe in giving projects that give a carbon copy turn around because; in my opinion this is not art, but simply production.  I encourage the use of various media ranging from, but not limited to, pencils, markers and paints, to clay, plaster and papier-mâché.  As an Art Educator I am here to guide the student’s growth not only in technical skill but also in individual expression, and am here to cater to each student’s development on an individual basis. It is important for me to manage my time wisely, so I can be sure to give enough attention to each student.

It is important to me to have a class that is well kept and organized.  A creative environment is a must, and I have no problem with students looking through art books and magazines for inspiration as long as they are being productive.  It is also imperative that the students have a sense of responsibility and are in charge of cleaning up and putting away their own supplies and work area.  Each student is graded on their understanding of each lessons core principles, and the application of each standard to the given assignment.  Students are also assessed on time management, use of materials and their overall effort in class.  Students are also required to participate in both self-assessment and group critiques.  I feel that an approach that focuses on the student’s individuality may prove to be difficult, but it is essential to the growth of each young artist.